ARC Tick Certified

ARCtick Authorisation # AU44979

Air Conditioning Servicing

Just like the engines in our cars, the Air Conditioning system requires regular servicing to maintain optimal cooling temperatures and to avoid more sinister (and expensive) issues arising. It is recommended to service your Air Conditioning system every 2yrs.

During your cars Air Conditioning service, the internal gases are extracted using a vacuum pump and stored safely. Each ‘working’ component is checked for leaks prior to introducing new oil, dye and refrigerant to the system.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Sometimes common Air Conditioning components can fail however replacement doesn’t have to be difficult. We endeavour to make Air Conditioning repairs affordable without compromising on quality.

Air Conditioning licensing & regulations

Our Workshop and Technician is certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd. The National Refrigerant Trading Authorisation allows us to trade and handle Air Conditioning refrigerant by complying with quality standards.

The ARC licence scheme was introduced to help minimise the unnecessary release of refrigerant gases in to the atmosphere. These harmful gases contribute to global warming and damage the ozone layer. Just 1kg of fluorocarbon refrigerant leaking in to the atmosphere has the same greenhouse gas impact as two tonnes of carbon dioxide!!